We will gladly handle your FFL firearms transfers!  If you order a weapon from an online firearms dealer, you can have it shipped to us for transferring to you.  We only charge $25 per NICS background check.  Each background check is good for 30 days and there is no limit on how many firearms are covered by each background check.  Have your online dealer contact us at 307-455-2991 to request a copy of our FFL license.  FFL Transfers to/for Wyoming residents, only-- must provide proof of residency (Wyoming driver's license, for example).  If you have a current Wyoming Concealed Carry Permit, the $25 fee still applies, but we do not have to run a background check to facilitate your transfer.

We also have access to order thousands of different handguns, shotguns, rifles, crossbows, and more!  See store for details!

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